Where do I begin? I finally began to study art full time in 2004, after a long time working in agricultural research. For me the catalyst was the death of both my parents in 2002. This started a whole re-evaluation of life, and I found myself saying out loud, ‘I have always just wanted to paint’.

I decided that this was the end of the road for me and full time paid employment, so I did some sums and realised I could afford a year out to do the Art Foundation course. Carrying on with the degree part-time and working part-time. At this point someone’ up there’ smiled down on me and I was made redundant.

When looking at art colleges I saw Cyprus College of Art, and decided that getting away from everything was the best way forward, as I could now afford to study full time. While in Cyprus I discovered stone carving, and this is the real love, though painting is still very important to me. I had done sculpture on my Foundation Course but with stone it was love at first sight.

We found the most beautiful stone on Cyprus, in shades of blue and green, however the ‘dense chalk’ from the Arkamas Peninsular became my favourite, working with light and shadows both in the sculpture, and made by the sculpture.